Chin Implant in Tarzana

Chin Implant - Marc Cohen M.D, Tarzana Surgeon

Chin Implant

Both men and women consider a well-defined jawline structure to be a key feature of a balanced, attractive face. The process of placing chin implants directly on the chin bone, underneath the skin, is known as chin augmentation, chin enhancement surgery, or genioplasty.

Chin enhancement is aimed at improving or enhancing the shape and size of the chin to achieve a naturally proportional and attractive look, while improving a recessed or weak chin.

Generally, Dr. Cohen may recommend chin augmentation for patients looking to:

  • Improve facial harmony by adjusting the proportion of the chin relative to other facial features
  • Correct a recessed or weak chin
  • Reduce the appearance of a "double" or full chin due to a small chin bone
  • Improve definition of the jawline and neck

What to expect

Genioplasty is an outpatient surgical procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation, or using general anesthesia. Dr. Cohen will make a tiny incision inside your mouth or underneath the chin in order to create space to fit the implant around the chin bone.

The implant is made from silicone or other biocompatible material. They come in different sizes. Dr. Cohen will help you choose the right implant that will deliver the desired change and give you the most natural looking result.

Take the first step today

The first step to enhancing the look of your face with cosmetic chin surgery is a comprehensive exam of your face by Dr. Cohen. Various tests will be performed during the consultation, plus you will have a chance to discuss your unique goals and the realistic expected results of the procedure, based on before-and-after photos of previous patients' who have gone through a similar operation. Contact us today to get started.