Necklift in Tarzana

Necklift - Marc Cohen M.D, Tarzana Surgeon

Neck Lift

If you have a saggy neck, a neck lift might help to get rid of the excess neck skin. This procedure is aimed at repositioning the soft tissues of the neck in order to recreate a well-defined jawline, giving you smooth contours and a more youthful look.

Most people choose a neck lift to:

  • Remove and tighten sagging neck skin
  • Tighten loose neck bands and neck muscle
  • Remove unwanted fat deposits under the chin and around the neck

What to Expect

Dr. Cohen uses different approaches to perform neck lifts depending on your specific case, your unique goals for improvement in the neck area, and your individual neck anatomy. Whether you have a turkey neck or neck waddle, neck fat or double chin, or a double chin, Dr. Cohen will create a custom solution to address your specific cosmetic needs and goals.

Some of the common neck lift procedures include:

  • Kybella - a non-surgical neck lift that uses a series of 2-5 injections at 4-week intervals. Recommended for patients who don't want to undergo surgery.  
  • Neck liposuction - minimally invasive, and performed with local anesthesia
  • Traditional neck lift - comprises liposuction, removal of excess skin, and tightening of muscles
  • Mini neck lift - uses smaller incisions than a traditional neck lift
  • Suspension neck lift

Are you a good candidate for a neck lift?

Most people with saggy neck skin can qualify for a neck lift procedure. As with other surgical procedures, being healthy, at a stable weight, and in reasonable shape increases the chances of your success. Conversely, smokers and patients with untreated medical conditions are not good candidates for the procedure.